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12th October 2012


askanerdwhocosplays said: G,V,Y

G: Yes, because at this point I’ve had too many encounters not to. My parents’ house is haunted and the ghost there has played pranks on me, my mother and my uncle Manfred. I was in St. Augustine Lighthouse and had my ponytail tugged.

V: It’s funny you ask me this, because Chris and I were talking about kids the other night. Yes, we want children, and we’re really hoping we have a girl first. (We even have a name already- Sophia. How silly are we?)

Y: I won’t change myself completely for love. Not again. I did it once for a boy in high school, and all he ended up doing for me was rushing me into being sexual and then dumping me six months later… and then screwed around with my head for another six months until I was finally away from him at school and met Chris. He’s changed me, yes: but for the better, and not deliberately. It’s more growth and not a forced change. 

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